Wood that is used indoors (for floors, furniture or children’s toys) is subjected to wear and tear. Therefore it needs protection that won’t impair the natural properties of the wood. Wood must be allowed to “breathe” so that it retains its elasticity and has a positive effect on room climate

Once a SAICOS interior finish has been applied, the wood retains its natural appearance and feel. Its surface will become hard-wearing, non-abrasive, water-repellent, and dirt-resistant. It will be protected against everyday accidents of water, wine, beer, cola, sodas, etc. Should any minor damages occur, surfaces can easily be touched up with no visible brush marks.

SAICOS - Premium Hardwax-Oil
  • Ideal for solid wood flooring or cork flooring, as well as wood furniture, trim, cabinets, toys, composites or any micro porous surface
  • SAICOS Hardwax-Oils are hard-wearing and maintainable
  • Preserves the look and feel of natural wood
  • Available in 0.125, 0.75, 2.5, 10 and liter containers
  • Economical Coverage -150  sq. ft per litre with 2 coats
  • Can be brushed or rolled with Saicos Special Floor Brush and Oil Wax Roller
  • Fast Drying (3-4 hours between coats)
  • Satin-matte sheen
SAICOS - Ecoline Oil Ground Coat
  • Low-solvent: VOC < 10%
  • Ideal for solid wood flooring, cork flooring, bamboo flooring and heavily used furniture surfaces
  • SAICOS Ecoline is part of a healthy living and breathable system
  • Preserves the look and feel of natural wood
  • Beautiful, natural and durable surface.
  •  Final coating with SaicosPremium Hardwax-Oil
SAICOS –Ground Oil Extra Thin
  • especially for exotic woods
  • thermally treated floors
  • natural oils
  • colourless or black transparent
  • 1L = 17 m2 (1 coat)
  • DIBt-approval Z-157.10-4
  • Final coating withSAICOS Premium Hardwax-Oil
SAICOS –Other Interior Products
  • Color Wax
  • Clear Wax
  • Wood-Impregnation biocide-free
  • UV Protection Interior
  • Environmentally friendly  renovation without sanding